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Model: VDC20FG-A


VehiClima no-idle vehicle A/C is designed with green technologies to make the planet a better living place, meanwhile, it will help the vehicle owner to save a big money on fuel costs and engine maintenance costs.

With the brushless DC electric scroll compressor built-in, the revolutionary A/C system is completely driven by the vehicle’s DC12V or DC24V starting or auxiliary batteries. The auxiliary battery bank is charged when the engine is working, then it drive the A/C system when the engine is off.

No idling, no engine wearing, no fuel consumption, zero emission, no air pollution, this makes it very economical comparing to the traditional engine direct-driven A/C units.

The no-idle vehicle A/C is widely applied to all kinds of vehicles: sleeper trucks, day-cab trucks, RV, boats, off-road heavy duty machineries, agricultural vehicles, etc.

The VDC20FG series units are with the condenser wall-mounted on the cab back, which are designed for sleeper trucks, especially in North American markets.



1. Fully DC electric powered. The A/C unit is driven by DC12V or DC24V batteries, no need to adopt an inverter to change DC12V or DC24V electric to AC electric 115V or 220V thus the AC electric drive the A/C unit. So, the unit is more economic on purchasing costs.

2. High efficiency. The Hermetic integrated electric brushless motor (BLDC) rotary compressor is high efficient, low power consuming, low noise and more powerful in cooling capacity than AC 115V or 220V electric compressor.

3. High reliability and security. The compressor has a soft starting, no excessive start-up current. Multiple self-protection functions, like pressure alarm protection, over/under voltage protection, compressor motor’s over-heat protection, compressor failure checking, these ensure the system of high reliability and high security.

4. Battery power monitor. Never worry about excessive battery drain. The controlling system comes with over/under voltage cut out function, to prevent discharging the battery below its required voltage to start the vehicle engine. The unit will stop working when the voltage is down to 10.5V (12V unit) and 21.5V (24V unit).

5. Low noise. Less than 65 dBA noise level, this ensures the driver can have a good sleep during the night when the truck is parking.

6. Easy operation. Manual operating allied with remote control (optional), operation is as easy as a household air conditioner.

7. 100% environment friendly. The unit works with engine off. No fuel consumption, no any emission, this will help to make the earth a better living place, make our ONLY PLANET more beautiful.

8. Engine no idling, no wearing, no vibration. This will sharply extend engine overhaul cycle period, make a big saving on maintenance costs for the vehicle owner in the following years.

9. Big savings on fuel cost. A data from our years’ experience, on average, one truck can reduce 2000 idling hours and less consume 1600 gallons of fuel per year by using our no-idle A/C unit, how much in dollars?

10. Wide-range application. The no-idle vehicle A/C is designed to run on the normal starter batteries, it can be widely applied to various vehicles: sleeper trucks, day-cab trucks, RV, boats, electric vehicles, off-road heavy duty machineries, agricultural vehicles, mini buses, Vans, etc.

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