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Model: 2kW unit


VHave to stay in the iced-up car to start and idle the engine to warm up the engine block and cab inside for over 15 minutes everyday in the cold winter? How much fuel cost would waste during the cold season? How much more maintenance cost would occur due to the engine’s additional wearing during the cold season year and year?

Frost or icicles on car glasses blocked your eyes from the landscape in the cold winter? How dangerous it is to the driver and the passengers? Want to keep the car window free of ice and do not fog up?

Want to provide pleasant comfortable warmth in the mobile workplaces for the employees? Then, they will be always ready and get down to work.

Want to provide comfortable temperature to the passenger compartment in your Van, bus or marine boat? Customers’ satisfaction is the best advertising for your business.

Want to provide an optimum warm environment to your transporter’s compartment for the sensitive cargos? Yes, it is a must.

Need to provide an optimum temperature to your special-purpose vehicle to ensure the equipments inside will work normally and staffs work comfortably inside?

The trailer’s driver needs to have a good sleep for over 8 hours in the cold night? Then, the comfortable warmth is necessary.

Want to preheat your vehicle fleets’ engine when you’re still at home or in your living room before they start working? What a big saving comparing to idle the main engine just to warm up its block to reach a
working condition!

You’re still using electric heater to take power from the locomotive/train’s batteries to defrost the fog or ice on the window and warm up the locomotive cab in cold weather? The electric heater is too low efficient, and the electric heater is dependent of power supply. 

Agree to adopt the green technologies to protect the environment? Yes, I do, because we have only one earth!

VehiClima gasoline/diesel fueled series Pre-heaters would be the perfect solution for all the above requirements. 

VehiClima pre-heater would be your smart and must choice!


  • Reliable working performance, instant heating, easy operation
  • Extremely fast compartment air heating after a hot start
  • Low energy consumption – ideal for long heating periods in stationary vehicles
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Pre-selectable compartment temperature
  • Extreme comfort due to a broad control range and the lowest low setting on the market
  • Continuously variable compartment temperature control
  • Very low noise levels due to continually adjustable control of the blower speed
  • Compact structure, smart size, internal and external installation possible
  • Constant function monitoring
  • Safety and self-diagnostic system
  • Low maintenance and easy to service
  • Works totally independently of power supply.
  • All GTS heaters have CE/E4 approval

Complete end to end reefer solution 

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